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[Versione Italiana]

Projects and mods.

- MOX-miniPre.

- Milk-Mint GainClone.

- MOX-PSU, High Quality Power Supply for the 41Hz AMP1B.

- Tripath Chip.

- MOX-C7x3/C7x1, Speakers Cables.

- Transmission Line Speakers with FOSTEX FE127E.

- Sonic Impact SoundPaX, portable and foldable Speakers.


Project preview of an extremely compact passive amplifier, which boasts high quality components and a solid alluminium and national walnut finish. Meant to be used coupled with many avalaible amplifiers Kit, equipped with a 24 steps volume control, five line-imputs, two main line-outputs plus an additional one, (2+1 line-outputs) and a “Mode” control, which allows it to be used in an even more versatile way.

Milk-Mint Gainclone.

A quick report of a well-known DIY project, made up during Christmas holidays.
A more-than-50 Watt per channel Amplifier, that makes use of the famous LM3875T Chip by National.
After soulless boxes and devices that sound hollow, here is a change.

MOX-PSU, High Quality Power Supply for the 41Hz AMP1B.

The need for a Power Supply fit for the 41Hz Amp 1/B, drew to develop a new serious unregulated Power Supply that includes a low-powered regulated section.
The result is a circuit designed by Daniele Dalvino, which evolved into a complete
and versatile PCB drawn up by myself, with the contribution of Eugenio Moreira,
and coupled with a good Toroidal transformer by LSP.

Actually only Italian version. The English version is still under construction.

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Tripath Chip.

A report of the many hours spent with some Tripath Technologies Chips, operating in the "T" Class and made known to the public through an article by the TNT-Audio, published in the early January of 2005. Among the many versions produced I could try the most famous three. The TA2024 employed in the Sonic Impact T-amp and the TA2022 and TA2021B, operating in the 41Hz Kits proposed by Jan Fredriksson. Lately, others too are proposing new Kits with a Tripath Chip, such as the interesting implementation of the TA2020 proposed by Alessandro Coppi, from Autocostruire.it.

Actually only Italian version. As soon as possible it will be also available in English.

Sonic Impact - T-Amp
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MOX-C7x3/C7x1 - Speakers Cables. COMING SOON...

It's well known that cables, in the Audio chain, carry on a first-importance task. For this reason the market is full of all kinds of them, at any cost. In the same way, it's possible to find through the Internet, many projects, more or less simple, that explain how to build up signal, speakers, and power supply cables.
After having listened to several of them, I decided to try and assemble new ones, treasuring both what I read and what I experienced.This article explains how to realize some good speaker power cables, using a category 7 shielded cable for data processing networks.

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Transmission Line Speakers with FOSTEX FE127E.

Inspired from the original design by Rob Sampson, a couple of Transmission-Line Fullrange speakers with FOSTEX FE127E.
In spite of a discreet building up effort, they will repay you with a convincing sound, with a clear and never tiring middle-high range, and a really good bass response, considering a cone of just 12 cm of diameter. Easy to locate, they feel confident either coupled with the T-Amp, or with superior amplifications. Last but not least, they show off an atypical look, open to thousands of possible variations. Specially indicated for Acoustic and Jazz,
I consider them like little gems of self-construction.

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Sonic Impact SoundPaX, portable and foldable Speakers.

An interesting and cheap Kit, that includes the celebrated T-Amp and a couple of foldable loudspeakers, made of cardboard and equipped with an unusual Neodiminian transducer.
Devised as a minimal system, for vacations and free time, it is unbeatable in terms of transportation and fit as a first start system for children or as an original gift.

Actually only Italian version. As soon as possible it will be also available in English.

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To carry through the most part of the projects is necessary to work with devices connected to the electricity network, which can be lethal if unskilfully managed.
For that reason, we do not consider ourselves liable for any damage to people or things, due to the partial or total reproduction of the matters presented in these pages.

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